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Born and educated in Brittany France, Mireille Loughlin developed an obsession with wearable cloth. She fantasised a future in the world of fashion with promise. Studying fashion in Normandy at a polytechnic college, Mireille received a Technical Baccalaureate in fashion. During her final years, she was involved in a very exclusive establishment, which had a great impact on her creative future. In dealing with royaltiy and celebrities from all over the world, Mireile knew wanted to be involved with couture and exclusivity.

Moving to London after graduation, Mireille met Peter, a New Zealander designer specialising in eveningwear. He had worked for various fashion studios and met a numbers of Emirate families who convinced them both to come and visit Dubai.

Peter joined Mireille and settled Dubai in 1982, establishing a showroom called Fabretti. They were the first fashion designers of Dubai and aimed at creating couture for Emirati ladies and expatriates. It proved to be culturally challenging at the beginning but through perseverance and hard work, the two established a firm clientele base. They expressed the desire to branch out on their own having been married and with their first child, making Dubai their home and future.

Arushi Fashion Design opened its door in 1982 on a grander scale, securing workshop in Bombay for embroidery production, and employed a team of qualified designers. The success was overwhelming, and Mireille and Peter travelled the region at length with their two children. They explored the oriental culture, its art, and made many friends, rarely taking break from the demands of Arushi Couture.

For Arushi Couture`s 10th anniversary in 1993. Mireille and Peter worked on a grand opera fashion show being the first of its kind in the region, and moved the showroom in 2000 and most recently in 2018.

It has been thirty years of creative accomplishments surrounded by great talents and great friends from all walks of life and origins. Dubai continues to open up new opportunities for the brand.


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